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Me (Baby Writes a Book)

This story is written from the perspective of two-year old Betty, and is an account of her life to date. The text is, of course, written by Rosamond Praeger, who is credited only as the illustrator. The book contains a mixture of colour illustrations and monochrome drawings, and unlike Praeger’s other children’s stories, this book is laid out in portrait orientation rather than in landscape. The colour illustrations appear both on the left-hand and right-hand pages, and sometimes across both in a two-page spread. The book’s cover features a portrait of Baby Betty, our ‘author’, wearing a high-necked white blouse and sucking on a pencil, as though composing the story. The depiction is similar to those used on the covers of adult literature, in that the style of the portrait is more realistic than the usual illustration style in children’s storybooks of the time.

The story itself is somewhat disjointed, jumping from one event to another with few links. However, it is told in chronological order, as the baby narrator grows older as it progresses. The baby’s perspective is sometimes at odds with the illustrations, allowing for the dual audience of inexperienced and more experienced readers.

There are twenty-four pages containing woodcut colour illustrations, including three double-page spreads. Other pages contain monochrome drawings. The book is fifty-two pages long. 

'Sophia Rosamond Praeger, Writer and Illustrator'- About | Image Gallery

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