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City Hall Autumn Lecture series 2014

Quiz Results - Know Your Dublin?

Know Your Dublin QuizThanks to all of you who entered our 'Know Your Dublin' competition. Some of you really do know your Dublin! Congratulations to those people who got all the answers right, and we are happy to announce that the winner, picked from the bundle of correct entries, is June Nugent. We will be sending June a a Book Token for €50.  Below is the list of correct answers and the links to the original images as shown in the Image Galleries.

Photo 1 O'Connell Street -

Photo 2 South King Street - Read more »

Interview with Ruth Long

The series of interviews I have been doing with authors wasCover of Treachery of Beautiful Things actually inspired by a conversation between Ruth and I about a year ago.  Unfortunately her previous books proved impossible to source with our suppliers, and Treachery of Beautiful Things was difficult, but we persevered and it is in stock.

Ruth and I know each other online and through several conventions, we're both librarians, fantasy lovers and lovers of old books, only she gets to work with them in her job.

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Samuel Beckett BridgeDuring recent days, Dubliners will have been stunned to see the city's quayside buildings apparently floating on water, with the Customs House looking like an image from La Serenissima herself. Dublin City Libraries would very much like to build on its photographic collection with pictures of the Dublin floods, so if you have images you would like to share with us, please e-mail them to The pictures will be held as part of our collection, so the Dubliners of the future can look back in amazement at the first days of 2014!

Right: The Samuel Beckett Bridge over the River Liffey, approximately one hour after high tide on Friday, 3rd January. Flood waters had receded by that time; they had in fact spilled over onto the quays at various points. Click thumbnail to enlarge.

Science Fiction Movies Aplenty!

2001 A Space OdysseyStanley Kubrick's 1968 landmark film '2001: A Space Odyssey' is just one of the many classic science fiction films available from Dublin City Public Libraries. We also have the 1970s big-budget science fiction films filled with special effects like 'Star Wars' and 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind', and other blockbuster hits of subsequent decades including 'E.T.' and 'Avatar'.

Others SF movies available include:- Read more »

Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker

NutrackerThis Post was submitted by our Guest Blogger, Amy Connolly.

I recently saw a Christmas bucket list of things everyone should do before the Christmas holidays and one in particular caught my eye; see a live performance of Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker. This entry jumped out at me because I received tickets for my birthday to see The Monica Loughman Ballet School perform The Nutcracker in the Convention Centre, Dublin. Dublin City Public Libraries has many items in stock that will allow you to accustom yourself to Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker. There are children's books that will allow little ones to become familiar with the story behind this ballet and there are also CDs in the Music Library which allow you to hear the incredible and awesome compositions of this 19th century Russian genius. I particularly recommend Swan Lake for the uninitiated. Read more »

New for Children this Christmas!

PosterLest we should forget our younger borrowers this Christmas (Joking! However could we!!) , here are just some of the new books and DVDs we have in our branch libraries in readiness for Christmas. Or anytime in fact!

Browse the list of DVD and book titles below, each of which links to its respective catalogue record where you can get further details and check on availability. Read more »

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