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Dublin Festival of History 2014

Movies Made/Set in Ireland - Recent Arrivals!

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In AmericaNot to be outdone by the wealth of new DVD titles for children recently received in our branch libraries, our adult members can get that same chance to head home from their local library with a smile on their faces and a DVD in hand. For we have also added a number of Irish-related movies on DVD to  our already extensive collection. So take the first available opportunity to get on down to your local Dublin City library and browse through our wonderful collection of DVDs. Read more »

Dublin Festival of History Opening Night


Dublin Festival of History opened last night with 'The Magdalene Laundries – Margaret MacCurtain in conversation with Diarmaid Ferriter' and 'Britain & Ireland: a Shared Heritage: Roy Hattersley in conversation with John Bowman' (see photo slideshow below). This exciting festival continues until 9th October. For more information and to book tickets see

If you are in Dublin this weekend why not visit the Printworks Venue at Dublin Castle. Here you can view three exhibitions: Infernos of Degradation: Images of Dublin in 1913; A Tale of Two Cities: Dublin 1913; and Shared Heritage: the Shared Literary, Cultural and Political Connections of Ireland and Britain. You can also browse through the Pop-up History Library and borrow history books and historical novels with your Dublin City library card or visit the Festival bookshop brought to you by the Gutter Bookshop. Read more »

Children's Feature Films Based on Books - Recent Arrivals!

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We have recently added some 60 children's feature films based on books to our existing DVD collection, so be sure to bring your child to your local Dublin City library and let them choose from the wonderful collection now available. You can also check the online catalogue (enter title and select DVD in the 'Media' field) before you visit to check availability, but no doubt there will be a title to please readily available and your child will be certain to head home with a smile on their face and a DVD in hand!

The Dark is RisingA little Princess
Adventures of Huck Finn
Adventures of Tom Sawyer
Alice in Wonderland
Ballet Shoes
The Borrowers
Call of the Wild
Cat in the Hat
Charlottes Web
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
Chronicles of Narnia
Cirque du Freak: The Vampires Assistant
Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen Read more »

Suspense and Thrills with a Psychological Component

Sebastian FitzekPost by Fabienne Sauberlich.

In Germany his books regularly occupy the top positions on the bestseller lists when they first come out, in fact his first book 'Therapy' kicked the Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown right off the number one position in 2006. Some of his books have been translated into english and have made their way over to us. Have you already guessed who this post is about? It is of course about Sebastian Fitzek, an author I have enjoyed very much and as you see I am not alone. Read more »

Vampires - From Dracula to Twilight and everything in between

Post by Fabienne Sauberlich.

Dracula (Christopher Lee)Are the Acheronian Dracula and the sparkling chick magnet Edward Cullen one and the same? Definitely not. But they are both vampires. Maybe there is not "That Vampire" anymore but a few very different types of vampires? And that is exactly how it is; they kind of spread over the whole media market placing themselves in different genres with different attributes. So if you think you know vampires, vampires fiction and vampires movies you might have missed some. What vampires do you like? The creature of human nightmares, the pitiless hunter of the night longing for your blood? You can find them with famous horror authors like Stephen King in Salem’s Lot, hunted by brave people like Van Helsing, Buffy and so on, or in classics like Dracula and Nosferatu. Read more »

Dublin City Archaeological Archive Formally Opened

Dublin City Archaeological ArchiveThe Dublin City Archaeological Archive [DCAA], first launched in July 2008, was last night formally opened to the public by the Lord Mayor of Dublin, Councillor Oisín Quinn. The DCAA originated as an action of the Dublin City Council Heritage Plan 2002-2006 and is managed jointly by Dublin City Archaeology, Dublin City Archives and Dublin City Council’s Heritage Office. The DCAA’s remit is to preserve records arising from archaeological investigations conducted in Dublin City by archaeologists working in the private sector, with special reference to excavations carried out before 2004. Read more »

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