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Ulysses by James Joyce1882 – 1941

41 Brighton Square
23 Castlewood Avenue

Arguably Ireland’s greatest literary genius and a leading proponent of modernism in fiction,  James Joyce was born at 41 Brighton Square  and  spent his earliest years there and in Castlewood Avenue. But as the fortunes of the family declined, the Joyces moved to cheaper accommodation and Joyce was never again to live in Rathmines, leaving Ireland with Nora Barnacle in 1904. He was to spend the rest of his life in Italy and France, paying his last visit to Ireland in 1912. Despite this, he obsessively recorded the minute details of Dublin life in his great work Ulysses and the hero of the novel is considered to embody both the “Everyman” of the twentieth century and the archetypal Dubliner.

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